Operation The Day After Tomorrow

Por: [JAEGERS] Destroier959

The year is 2020 and the world has been struck by a pandemic chaos, leading to the world governments to reduce their military activities and level of readiness, having only the Russian Federation mantaining the state of its military.

As the contagious disease decreased and military readiness was reestablished all around the globe, a military force gap was created between NATO and RUSFOR, allowing for significant advances in the Russian side of conflicts, such as in Syria and Libya, increasing its military and political presence in the Mediterranean Sea. Further increasing tensions in the region, a military coup took place in the island of Altis, previously friends with the European Union, by the Altis Armed Forces. A military government was founded, supported by the Russian Federation.

To counteract the RUSFOR maneuvers to establish a foothold south of Europe, NATO battlegroups stationed in Italy, Greece and Turkey increased their alert level in a defensive posture. To avoid any chances, the US, a repressively deploys the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit to Altis, to liberate the island of any RUSFOR presence and reestablish the former democratic government.


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